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Bindon Barracks
Home to:
26 REGT RCT.  
Pictures kindly supplied by Mr David Wood
26 Regiment's role was to carry Heavy Floating Bridges and Heavy Ferries for the Engineers and consisted of 35 and 40 Sqns, based at Bindon barracks. These were equipped with AEC Militant 6x6 trucks and had a RE mobile crane unit attached. 54 Sqn was also part of the regiment but were based in Minden. They had tipper trucks and carried the metal roadrolls. I think they had Bedford RL's. I don't know whick barracks they were in. The regiment was disbanded about 1971 when the engineers were equipped with M2 self propelled bridges. The barracks was eventually returned to the FRG and I have read somewhere that it is now a housing estate.
Mr David Wood
 My regiment was the RASC. On completion of my National Service Basic Training at Blanford Camp in Dorset I was posted to Bindon Barracks Hameln in August 1954. I was immediately promoted to Ration NCO and took charge of the Company Ration Stores until my demob in April 1956. During the time that I was stationed there it was 125 Coy RASC (Bridging) BAOR 5. And was the Support Transport Unit for the 26th Field Engineers Regiment stationed at Gordon Barracks on the outskirts of Hameln. Our Unit carried the bridge pontoons on trailers pulled by AEC Matadors, and the rest of the bridge parts were carried firstly on Austin K5s, then later on Bedfords. Also on site was a REME Workshop and a small detachment of Royal Engineers that carried out the loading and unloading of the bridge parts, using Mobile Coles Cranes. I must say seeing the doorway to the Cookhouse Kitchen, which was also the front door to the Ration Stores that was on the first floor at the back of the Cookhouse Block, it brought back memories of day’s gone bye.
Mr Peter Barker
The following pictures, courtesy of Mr Keith Dodds, show the former barracks as it is today (2007). Comparisons with the pictures above are obvious, with only minor changes taking place.