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Belfast Barracks 
1 King's Own  Dec 1951-Aug 1953
1 Oxf  Bucks LI 1953-1956
1 King's (Liverpool)   July 1956 - May 1958
66 Coy RASC ?-1960 
1 RF Jun 1963-Jun 1967
1 KOSB Jun 1967-Apr 1971
1 QOHldrs April 1971 - May 76
1 D&D May 1976 to Apr 1980
1 King's Apr 1980- Jan 1985
1 R Irish Jan 1985- July 1990
1 PWO Aug 1990- Aug 1994
1 Green Howards July 1994-Feb 2000
1 DWR Feb 2000-Dec 2005
1 QLR  Dec 2005- July 2006
1st Bn The Duke of Lancasters Regiment July 2006 - 2009

A PTI named from the Devon & Dorsets was shot several times in an ambush by 2 suspected IRA gunmen in 1979, about 1 mile from the Barracks. The PTI survived by running away from them with seven or eight bullet wounds and collapsed outside the Civillian Hospital. He survived and the gunmen escaped.
Mr A Jacques
The PTI being L/CPL Sims. He was shot and survived on 10 March 1980. 
This picture of Belfast Bks was taken in March 2010. When looking from the MRS gate they seem to be building houses where the transport park was. The old MRS is surrounded by wire fence that has sensors on it as I found to my shock (electric!!). The workmen have no idea why.


                                                                                                                                   Courtesy of Brian Roberts