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Bad Oeynhausen Model
Cigarette Box, Lighter, and Ashtray
It never ceases to amaze me as to where information and items for the site come from!! And this is a prime example!!
These photographs came from a member of a war-game site (for want of a better way of putting it). A chance comment led to them being sent, and I take a quiet delight in posting them.
The contributor's father brought this back with him from B.A.O.R. Please see the (slightly) edited account below the photographs.
Photographs courtesy of David
I just looked up BAOR (probably your website) and now a few things fit in place. My dad must have been in BAOR. I never really knew him until 1950. He brought back a German model jeep which I now have, the top is a lid revealing a place for cigarettes, engraved with the words the words Bad Oeynhausen. The front is a lighter worked by the door handles and the trailer is an ash tray. It impressed me because it had proper rubber tyres even on the spare wheel!