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 Albuhera Barracks
Original name - Eider Kaserne 
Home to:
1 MIDX 1946-1947
LANDJUT 1962-1999 ?


Situated almost in the Town Centre, just off the Parade Platz, Eider Kaserne it later went on to become HQ Allied Land Forces Schleswig-Holstein and Jutland  (LANDJUT) and a basic training unit of the Bundeswehr. This was the first multi national corps within NATO. It consisted of the Danish Jutland Division and the German 6th Panzergrenadier Division. As well as Danish and German troops were half a dozen US Army personnel, 3 officers and 3 NCOs. The British contingent consisted of an officer (Major) and 3 Sgt's (all local rank), one being the Royal Signals Cipher Operator, and the other two being RAOC.

From 1962 LANDJUT had been responsible for the defence of the Baltic Approaches from its headquarters at Rendsburg. This affiliation has now been superseded with the creation of Multinational Corps Northeast which came into being at Szczecin, Poland on 18 September 1999. 

Rendsburg in 1948.
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