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Arms identified on, and with thanks to
Achmer is a small town in the Bramsche area, about 19km NNW of Osnabruck and about 4km west of Bramsche, the nearest town. The Coat of Arms of Bramsche are shown above, Achmer having none of its own.
A reference has shown that an airfield in this area was used for a period of about 8 weeks in 1945. The airfield itself is about 2.5km SW of Achmer south of the Canal and west of the railway line.  It is recognisable mainly by its outline, the runways have long since been torn up and it is now used by a civilian flying club.
An Exercise area for B.A.O.R. troops was established in the area, including the airfield it seems. There are photographs mixed in amongst about 7,000 on this site
There is a reference to Achmer here in German, and here translated (not so good in places).
RAF Squadrons thought to have used this airfield are as follows:-
175 Sqn - 11 Apr 1945 (Typhoon 1B)
184 Sqn - 11 Apr 1945 (Typhoon 1B) - Believed to be the first RAF Squadron to arrive on German soil.
245 (Northern Rhodesian) Sqn - 11 Apr 1945 (Typhoon 1B)
98 Sqn - 30 Apr 1945 (Mitchell II and III)
320 (Netherlands) Sqn  - 30 Apr 1945-2 Aug 1945 (Mitchell I and II) - Disbanded 2 Aug 1945 on transfer to Royal Netherlands Navy
180 Sqn - 14th Jun 1945 (Mitchell III)