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54 (Maharajpore) Battery, 25 Field Regiment R.A.
BATUS 1975
During 1975, 54 Battery deployed to BATUS in Canada on a Firing Exercise. Below are a number of photographs, courtesy of Morris Felton, who deployed with them.
54 Battery just prior to departure for BATUS
Gun Group lined up on the Prairie
OP Group line-up. Morris Felton was G21
Accommodation at Camp Crowfoot
Lined up for Safety Checks
"Tanks, 3000 metres"
"Engage" - "C" Sub in action.
Deploying the Guns
Discussions with the AIG
The most important man on the Gun Position - The Safety Officer.
OP Group - Daily maintenance.
Gun Group maintenance - Hot and dusty work
Endex - Sunset over Camp Crowfoot
Many thanks to Morris Felton for permission to post these photographs. Many memories of BATUS will be stirred, both good and bad possibly.